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Updated: February 2013

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William Ard aka John Jakes, Jay Scotland, Alan Payne


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How Our Catalog Works
Our catalogs are set up mainly for browsing.  If you are looking for an author or title, then use the Adobe Reader search function from the main menu or tool bar after you open the category.

The way our catalog works is a bit different than most.   Because we usually have one copy of a title, we do not ask for payment until we have checked our stock for your books.  Then we notify you as to which books we have, how much and the amount for postage.  After we have received your payment, then we will put your order in the mail.  For most orders, that is within a week's turn around time.

Did You Know!
That Sidney Sheldon has won awards in movie, Broadway, television, as well as a best seller books.  In TV, it was "The Patty Duke Show" and "I Dream of Jeannie", Broadway was "Redhead", movies was "Annie Get Your Gun" & "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer", books "The Naked Face" that became BIG for him.

Can't find a title?
Then contact us.  We may have it in stock or in one of our stockpiles waiting to be added to inventory.

When family and friends kept complaining about the difficulty finding books without a lot of graphic material and/or profanity in them, Toni's Book Barn became established.  We spend our time sorting out the books that are too graphic or have too much profanity for us.  Even if you don't know a certain author, but would like to try a book, at least this area of concern has been address by Toni's Book Barn.

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